Netflix's Upcoming Real Estate Series is Set to 'Eat' Succession This May

Netflix's Upcoming Real Estate Series is Set to 'Eat' Succession This May
Image credit: HBO, Netflix

It seems that Netflix aims to challenge HBO.


  • After a year, Succession is still the best satire on the lives of modern American tycoons.
  • However, there is a new series getting ready for release on Netflix, which has a similar premise.
  • Some fans believe that the upcoming project has a chance to become a new Succession.

Despite the fact that HBO has taken a bit of a step back lately, often releasing projects that turn out to be misfires, the network remains not only a colossus of modern television, but arguably the most prestigious TV platform whatsoever, regularly releasing series that delight critics and viewers alike. And undoubtedly one of the most important series for pop culture is Succession, a satirical tragicomedy that doesn't shy away from brutally mocking the 'elite' of modern capitalist society and making subtle yet witty allusions to the Murdoch family.

But sadly, the series ended once and for all in May 2023, and for a whole year, many of us Succession fans were left with a void in our hearts, desperately trying to fill that painful vacuum with new projects reminiscent of Jesse Armstrong's work. And it's Netflix that has decided to take a chance, as a new series with an equally stellar cast is being readied for release. Well, let's get to the bottom of what this show is all about and why some think it's a worthy replacement for Succession.

What Is the Upcoming Netflix Series About?

Recently, Netflix released a trailer for a new drama series that will delve into the underbelly of Atlanta's high society, which is rife with greed, cynicism, corruption, and class and race warfare. The show is called A Man in Full and is an adaptation of the 1998 novel of the same name by famed author and 'New Journalism' pioneer Tom Wolfe.

Many people will remember him as the author of The Bonfire of the Vanities, which became a bestseller and received a 1990 film adaptation directed by Brian De Palma and starring Tom Hanks, Bruce Willis and Melanie Griffith (which was, however, critically panned).

The plot of A Man in Full opens with the story of Charlie Croker (Jeff Daniels), a real estate mogul and member of Atlanta's high society, who is suddenly faced with bankruptcy. At the same time, the story unfolds around his ex-wife Martha Croker (Diane Lane), a smart and prudent woman; small time loan officer Raymond Peepgrass (Tom Pelphrey), who wants to profit from Croker's bankruptcy; prominent black attorney Roger White (Aml Ameen); and other characters from different economic backgrounds. What do they all have in common? The cynicism of neoliberal Atlanta, of course, as well as a high-profile rape case that could unleash a wave of racially charged confrontations.

The showrunner is David E. Kelley, who had a long experience with HBO, and the director and co-executive producer is Regina King. In addition to the above actors, the series also starred William Jackson Harper, Lucy Liu, Jon Michael Hill, Sarah Jones and others.

Will the New Show Live up to the Power of Succession?

After seeing the trailer, Netflix users almost immediately started comparing the upcoming series to Succession, which is not surprising considering that the plots overlap in many ways. Like Jesse Armstrong, Tom Wolfe largely satirized the political and economic situation of American society at the time, which was led by people who were not at all dignified.

Like the Roy family, the story would revolve around cruel and cunning cynics who would do anything just to be representative of the upper crust of society. Although the original book was published in 1998, the similarities to Succession, which is a satire of today's powerful, only suggest that the upcoming A Man in Full will be an equally relevant and poignant series.

A Man in Full is scheduled to be released on May 2, 2024. The series will consist of 6 episodes.