New 'Better Call Saul' Episode is Truly Heart-Wrenching For Kim Wexler Fans

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You know what else is heart-wrenching? The fact that we're just one episode away from 'Better Call Saul' coming to an end.

Warning: the following article contains spoilers for 'Better Call Saul' episode 12

First of all: relax. We know how 'Better Call Saul' can kill off your favorite character occasionally, but it's not the time for Kim Wexler to fall victim to that. However, according to many fans who are heartbroken over how her life has turned out, Kim's living is no less of a punishment than death could be.

After a high-stakes life between being a lawyer and a con artist that was full of risks and danger, the only danger Wexler faces in 'Waterworks' is… dying of boredom. Stuck in Florida as a housewife, Kim seems to be mired in cooking and planning birthday parties in the office.

Fans, who know Kim way too good to believe she might enjoy a single second of such a life, were not able to watch it all without pain.

"Kim Wexler is punishing herself harder than any legal system could. Knee-length denim skirts, miracle whip, and Florida? Genuinely devastating. – @alytheefox

What was particularly emotional for fans is how Kim met Jesse Pinkman after signing her divorce papers with Jimmy – and tried her best to build some walls around her heart and distance herself from Jimmy as much as she could.

Finally, Kim's potentially fatal decision to effectively turn Jimmy in, as well as her airport shuttle breakdown, was something that fans simply could not bear – even though they could not leave Rhea Seehorn's performance without the applause it deserved.

"Kim Wexler held it all in for 6 years only to break on a crowded public bus. Sometimes it happens like that." – @kill_hat

What makes the 'Better Call Saul' fans' journey even more emotional is the fact that next week, the show is going to wrap up with a grand finale, 'Saul Gone'.

Given that pretty much every episode of the show was an emotional roller-coaster, fans are simply not ready for what's coming on August 15.

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