New Disney Flop With 48% Tomatometer Only Needed 5 Days to Hit 13M Views

New Disney Flop With 48% Tomatometer Only Needed 5 Days to Hit 13M Views
Image credit: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures

The film narrowly escaped the fate of being Disney’s yet another big failure.


  • Disney 's brand new animated film didn’t do that well in cinemas upon its release last year becoming a commercial failure and ending up with a mediocre score on Rotten Tomatoes.
  • Despite the film’s touching idea of the plot that serves as some sort of tribute to the company’s history, it didn’t impress critics either — but still got a Golden Globe nomination.
  • After becoming a big fiasco in box office, the movie is doing much better on streaming by getting more than 13 million views within 5 days.

It may seem like Disney has been having pretty tough times recently with all the millions of its money being gone from their piggy bank forever after major films didn’t break even in cinemas.

Disney’s new animated project, a musical fantasy film Wish, almost joined this list of box office fiasco — but now it’s surprisingly doing better on streaming.

Inspired by 100 years of Disney's existence, Wish took several years to elaborate and became a kind of tribute to the company’s magical stories by featuring numerous references to Disney’s most popular animated movies.

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The plot revolves around 17-year-old girl Asha who, in desperate need, makes a wish appealing to the stars — and then they send her a magical, yet trouble-making star fallen from the sky that is supposed to help her deal with difficulties.

Wish got its theatrical release back in November and managed to gross only $254 million against $200 million of the initial budget thus becoming a big commercial failure for the company.

The movie’s misfortune got even bigger when the critics stepped in — though they generally praised Wish for its vocal performances and Easter eggs that referred to Disney’s other famous films, it still didn’t save the brand new movie from ending up with a mediocre 48% critics score on Rotten Tomatoes.

However, Wish may easily be one more example on the huge list of commercial failures that eventually found the audience’s love. The film’s viewer score goes up to a solid 81% while Wish also received a prestigious Golden Globe award nomination for Best Animated Feature Film (in which it lost to Miyazaki’s The Boy and the Heron, but still).

Now the movie keeps restoring its reputation on Disney+ and the results are impressive — since its official release on April 3, Wish has managed to gain more than 13 million views and has become the third most-watched streaming platform premiere surpassed only by 2021’s Encanto and 2020’s Frozen 2.