New Fan Theory Seemingly Found the Villain of 'Moon Knight' Episode 4, and It's Not Who You'd Think

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'Moon Knight' episode 4 marked one of the show's most confusing scenes so far, leaving fans scratching heads as to what is going on and what to expect next.

If you spend your free time pondering who was in that sarcophagus in episode 4 and what does it all mean, suffer no more, because eagle-eyed fans have found the answer for you.

Apparently, all they had to do was to rewatch episode 1. Remember Donna, huh? Remember how we all collectively and immediately hated her?

Then you might also remember one of her seemingly innocent lines.

Seems like Agatha from 'WandaVision' has to share her iconic soundtrack with Donna from 'Moon Knight'. Although Donna is clearly not as lovable as Agatha.

Now we only have to wait until May 4 in order to find out whether Donna is the one and only actual villain of the show.

If you don't remember Donna, she was the one to constantly bully Steven Grant at work in the museum's gift shop before he eventually got fired. This is already villainous enough for pretty much every 'Moon Knight' fan to hate her.

She has been visibly absent in the recent episodes, though, so odds are she could actually carry out her threat and lock someone in that episode 4 sarcophagus. Just saying.

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