New 'House of the Dragon' Twist Makes Fans Hate King Viserys Even More

New 'House of the Dragon' Twist Makes Fans Hate King Viserys Even More
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Being a king is tough, and some people are simply not cut out for it.

Warning: the following article contains spoilers for 'House of the Dragon ' episode 2

After the first 'House of the Dragon' episode, it was quite tough for fans to determine who to root for and who to hate, but it looks like episode 2 appears to make it easier.

Yes, King Viserys is quickly losing people who sympathized with him for some reason, and the decision to marry Rhaenyra's best friend is only adding up fuel to the fire. While being quick to remind his court that he is king, Viserys appears to lack the ability to act tough and wise when needed.

One of the key moments of episode 2 was how Viserys had to face the fact that he will have to remarry because of his duty to the realm. Lord Corlys Velaryon was quick to suggest the king marrying his 12-year-old daughter in order to unite their houses. However, Viserys appeared to be uneasy about the thought. While it certainly is understandable, his way of resolving the issue was to… announce his intention to marry Alicent, who is just three years older that Corlys' daughter.

This sparked ire in Lord Corlys – as well as in many fans who blasted Viserys as "weak" and failing to uphold his king duties, even though he still seems to take issue with the fact that he has a female heir in Rhaenyra.

The fans were particularly outraged that he never even mentioned his intention to Rhaenyra – who has already been traumatized by the death of her mother and Viserys' doubts in her – as well as rejecting Corlys in front of everyone while also failing to address his rogue brother Daemon.

"Viserys couldn't run a Chuck E Cheese properly no wonder that throne is turning him into Swiss cheese," one of the 'House of the Dragon' fans wrote on Twitter.

Indeed, the Iron Throne does not seem to welcome Viserys as king at all: since the beginning of the season, he is suffering from multiple injuries he received while simply sitting on the throne.

In fact, Viserys is simply not suited for ruling: many fans have noticed that he failed to move on from the death of his wife (which he also kind of facilitated himself), and spends his free time making a model of Valyria. According to fans, he is a weak and depressed man who is clearly not an appropriate candidate for ruling the seven kingdoms.

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