Nightmares Guaranteed: 10 Must-See Horror Anthology Movies

Nightmares Guaranteed: 10 Must-See Horror Anthology Movies
Image credit: Warner Bros.

There are an infinite number of ways to scare the hell out of an audience, but some of the great ideas that screenwriters come up with just don't have the meat to become a feature-length horror movie.

When producers realized how much great material was being lost because of this, the solution came naturally - make movies consisting of small stories, all connected by an overarching theme. That's how anthology films were born!

Here are the 10 best horror anthology films of all time, ranked:

We decided to pick only the best examples of this unique movie format, paying close attention to the influence the movie had on horror in general, because after the initial popularity of horror anthologies, producers quickly lost interest in them, resulting in dozens of half-baked flicks full of uninspiring and downright boring stories.

Fortunately, the 10 films on this list were all crafted to perfection. Some of the most inventive names in the horror genre were involved in the creation of these films, lending their talents to small-scale stories that still managed to scare the bejesus out of viewers.

Because of the small productions needed to bring these stories to life, geniuses like Tobe Hooper, John Carpenter, and Mario Bava were all able to clear their busy schedules to take part in horror anthologies.

If you consider yourself a horror fan, don't sleep on the above titles!