No Flash At Comic-Con: Warner Bros. Takes Action Amid Ezra Miller Controversy

No Flash At Comic-Con: Warner Bros. Takes Action Amid Ezra Miller Controversy
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It seems that the studio hopes to brush the Ezra Miller scandal under the rug.

Warner Bros. has apparently decided not to include 'The Flash ' in its San Diego Comic-Con roster this year, with The Hollywood Reporter revealing that the studio believes the movie is "too far out" to have a "meaningful" impact.

While the studio does not seem to directly link 'The Flash's absence at the upcoming Comic-Con to the ongoing controversy around the movie's lead star Ezra Miller, fans believe that's exactly the reason behind the Scarlet Speedster not receiving a panel this year. This belief is shared by a lot of people despite another DCEU movie scheduled for a 2023 release, 'Blue Beetle', is also not going to be presented at WB's Comic-Con panel.

Instead of 'The Flash' and 'Blue Beetle', this year's Warner Bros. panel will include 'DC League of Super-Pets', 'Black Adam ' and 'Shazam', all slated to open later in the year.

It is also remarkable that Warner Bros. is going to skip having a presence on the convention floor – for the first time.

The company is struggling with a handful of issues related to the DCEU, including but not limited to Ezra Miller being prosecuted for allegedly grooming an underage person and Amber Heard, who portrays Mera in 'Aquaman ', being accused of domestic abuse.

Warner Bros. has not publicly commented on the Miller controversy, although reports have already suggested that the studio called it quits with the actor and won't have him in any upcoming DCEU projects.

'The Flash' starring Miller, however, has not been shelved like some fans expected. Instead, its release date got pushed to June 23, 2023. Moreover, it was reported that Warner Bros. hopes that the scandal does not escalate before the movie's release, even though many fans are very skeptical about such hopes and continue rallying for Flash to be recast.

"They should scrap the movie in its entirety imo, or reshoot it all. Plus its release gives miller the chance to collect any box office royalties." – @tasteofsanity.