Not Just 'Ms. Marvel' And 'The Boys': 3 More TV Series To Watch This June

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June is a busy month of blockbusters and drama heavyweights, but streaming services and networks are also preparing something extra for fans of TV series format.

With peak TV continuing to, well, peak, dozens of new TV series are released each month, and some fans find themselves a little overwhelmed by the variety of titles presented to them. Choosing just three projects for an entire month is certainly no easy task, but the three shows mentioned below are sure to satisfy all your possible needs.

Here's 3 TV series worth watching this June:

For All Mankind (Season 3) – June 10 on Apple TV+

One of the greatest sleeper hits returns after its stellar second season, hailed as one of the best in speculative history. The Apple TV+ series, starring Joel Kinnaman, tells the story of the U.S. struggle to win the space race in a world where it never ended. The stellar acting, script and cinematography put this intriguing project at the top of critics' favorite series right now, and the third season is sure to expand and strengthen the success of previous installments.

The Old Man – June 16 on FX

A new prestige series starring Jeff Bridges as a former CIA officer? Count us in. long-delayed project will finally hit home screens next month, and the tense plot suggests we're in for something worthwhile. Starring John Lithgow and Amy Brennan, ‘The Old Man’ will take viewers from the Appalachian wilderness to the Moroccan desert, complete with some brutal and realistic fight scenes.

Man vs. Bee – June 24 on Netflix

Since "Rowan Atkinson battles a bee for an entire season" is essentially the entire plot, some might consider this Netflix project a heavy pill to swallow. However, the ‘Mr. Bean’ star has repeatedly proven his detractors wrong by reassuring critics that his physical comedy is still incomparable to almost anyone currently working. The trailer promises a real comedy tour de force, and Atkinson's trademark charisma is sure to draw millions of viewers to see what this crazy Brit has in store for them.

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