'Now You See Me 3' Announced, But Fans Are Not Sure It's a Good Idea

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A blockbuster about a bunch of magicians moonlighting as thieves will finally get a threequel next year, but fans aren't sure if it's a good idea.

The first film was released in 2013 and quickly became a worldwide phenomenon as audiences appreciated the unusual setting and truly unique action scenes. With a cast like Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Mark Ruffalo and Michael Caine just having a good time while filming this entertaining story, it seemed that 'Now You See Me' could turn into a full-fledged movie franchise. But the second part shattered that dream almost immediately, receiving fan hatred because of the poorly written script and failure to bring something new to the table.

But it looks like producer Alex Kurtzman is ready to give the movie a chance, not only by supposedly reuniting all the members of the original cast, including Morgan Freeman and Dave Franco, but also by bringing in Benedict Cumberbatch to play the villain. This all sounds like a great way to get the franchise back on the right track, so why don't people on Reddit want to support such an idea?

First of all, fans of the original film are still not sure why Hollywood decided to make it into franchise, wishing that they would leave 'Now You See Me' alone.

"I think that's the problem right there. "Franchise", it's not a franchise, it was a single movie that did pretty well and they tried to make a sequel which ended up bombing. But executives have in their head that a one-trick-pony is somehow a franchise and want to milk it." – /count023.

And second, many believe that the story ended with part 2, whose finale ended the story quite satisfactorily, leaving no loopholes for a potential third installment. But, as always, some fans were quick to develop a fairly plausible narrative about the team's return to action.

"I think the whole series was leading up to the return of Lionel Shrike. Most traditional magic shows run tricks in threes, so it made sense to me that the prestige – or last trick – would be related to how the Shrike legacy began/returns." – /Gyrfenix.

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