Octopus Boy All Grown Up: Billy From Love Actually Sent Fans Into Frenzy

Octopus Boy All Grown Up: Billy From Love Actually Sent Fans Into Frenzy
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Feeling old yet?

Love Actually has long become a Christmas classic, rewatched every holiday season by millions of viewers who know every memorable quote, every brilliant scene by heart. Alongside the star cast, the beloved movie introduced viewers to a young generation of actors who stole the show whenever they popped up on the screen.

In one of the most hilarious scenes, the show was stolen by Natalie's little brother, who looked extremely cute in his bright green octopus costume that took his mother months to create ("Eight is a lot of legs, David!"). The child actor's name is Billy Campbell, and he is not a cute octopus kid anymore.

The actor only said one phrase ("We're here!") in the movie, but made a long-lasting impression on the audience.

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While being shoved in between Natalie and everyone's favorite Prime Minister David on their journey to the school's Nativity play, the boy made this ride extremely uncomfortable for the couple. Viewers couldn't help but adore the boy as he donned a comical outfit and a straight-faced expression while David attempted to confess his love to Natalie.

Believe it or not, Campbell's character had a proper name other than Octopus Boy. In the Love Actually script, he was referred to as Keith, or to be more precise, Octopus Keith. What a delightful nickname!

As iconic as it was, Octopus Keith was Billy Campbell's first and only acting role. Unfortunately, viewers didn't have a chance to catch up with Billy last year, when Love Actually cast reunited to celebrate its 20th anniversary. But thanks to his godmother, actor Kathy Burke, we know how Octopus Keith looks all-grown-up. And he has certainly come a long way from his octopus days.

"Want to feel old? Here's what octopus boy aka my godson, Bill looks like now," Burke tweeted and added a screenshot from the movie alongside the picture of grown-up (and hot) Billy.

The post sent Twitter users into frenzy. Not only they admitted actually feeling old now that Love Actually's cute child star is all grown up, they also pointed out how handsome Octopus Keith has become and even pitched the idea for his potential acting career.

"Very handsome," a commenter wrote. "Octopus Boy would make a good Marvel Avenger."

Octopus Boy joining The Young Avengers? Count us in!