One Deleted Morbius Scene That Could (Try To) Save The Movie

One Deleted Morbius Scene That Could (Try To) Save The Movie
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Even the actors thought that some things were left out unfairly.

If there is one movie based on Marvel comics that everyone can agree was a failure, it is Morbius. Unfortunately, the story itself was not enough to overcome all the other problems it suffered from.

From the inconsistencies of the script to the sometimes poor acting, Morbius ended up with a well-deserved 16% on Rotten Tomatoes.

But was there ever a way to save the movie from failure? Well, aside from all the weird visual effects, there were some scenes that could have been improved if they weren't edited so poorly.

It was hard to follow the story because all the characters lacked background and motivation at times, so fixing that would be a good start.

In his interview with Digital Spy, Matt Smith, who portrayed Milo in the film, admitted that there was one scene in particular that he wished had made the final cut, but unfortunately did not:

"There was a whole sequence with the girl in the bar where Milo met her a scene before and then they went back and he fell for her and then she really hurt him, and then he went on this big killing spree. I sort of miss that part of the story, actually, now because that didn't make the film and it gave it a bit of context to see him do that."

The lack of context was one of the main points that both critics and audiences had against Morbius, so Smith definitely had a point in thinking that this moment should have made the movie.

Despite being a huge part of the movie that is universally considered a flop at this point, Matt Smith has a positive attitude about it.

Maybe that has something to do with the fact that it has been repeatedly recognized as the best part of the movie.

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Although Morbius was not the best thing for the actor's career, he still entertains the thought of returning to the superhero genre.

Until that happens, you can still watch Morbius just for the fun of it. Stream it on Netflix, MAX, or Apple TV.

Source: Digital Spy