One Harry Potter Deleted Scene That Proves Ron Is Smarter Than Hermione

One Harry Potter Deleted Scene That Proves Ron Is Smarter Than Hermione
Image credit: Warner Bros.

The Harry Potter film series has done Ron Weasley dirty, but this deleted scene makes all the difference.

It’s common knowledge that Ron Weasley is a mere shell of his book self in the movies, mostly reduced to comic relief. Many of his best book lines are given to either movie Harry or Hermione, he is way slower than he is supposed to be, and he just eats and makes jokes whenever possible. This is not our Ron, but that’s nothing new.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets actually featured a scene that showed Ron for who he really was – a smart cookie whose deductive skills allowed him to notice things that his friends couldn’t. Of course, the scene was cut.

In the book, Ron and Harry get detention for the whole slug incident, and Ron ends up polishing silver in the trophy room. Although, it might not be the wisest idea to have the kid who is burping up slugs every couple of minutes cleaning something, but whatever.

One of the trophies that Ron has polished happens to be the one that Tom Riddle was awarded for “special services to the school” 50 years ago (conveniently, at the same time the Chamber of Secrets was opened last). This is the scene that got deleted from the film.

When Hermione mentions Riddle’s name, Ron immediately thinks of that trophy. Mind you, in the first movie, it takes Hermione months to remember where she saw Nicolas Flamel’s name before. That is the one time Ron is literally better at something than Hermione, and the viewers never even got to see it!

Hopefully, the creators of the upcoming Harry Potter reboot will pay more attention to the source material, i.e., the books, when they write Ron Weasley. If this character is played for laughs again, we will riot!