One Hilarious Consequence of Twilight Popped Up Years Later

One Hilarious Consequence of Twilight Popped Up Years Later
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Twilight first took over the world in the late 2000s, but who told you that it doesn’t have any power over us anymore?

Stephenie Meyer created her supernatural emo world in 2005, and all the internet was good for was giving fans a platform to decide between Team Edward and Team Jacob. The final installment in the Twilight movie franchise came out in 2012, and the community slowly started to move away from cringey vampires, toxic werewolves, and abusive relationships.

It’s 2023 now, Twilight is back, and it’s stronger than ever (no, we are not talking about the upcoming reboot that no one asked for). The saga has recently gone viral for the most bizarre reason ever – the internet seems to think that it’s responsible for an awful lot of Gen Ziers named Bella, Edward, and Jacob (via PopBuzz).

This theory first appeared on TikTok of all places when different creators started noticing how lots of 18-year-olds were suspiciously named Bella. They did the math and figured out that the original Twilight novel was published exactly 18 years ago!

Other users have since chimed in with their own experiences. One teacher shared that her class consisted of quite a lot of kids named after Bella, Jacob, and Edward – and the best part was that they had no idea why!

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Other people also pointed out that the names of the three main characters weren’t the only ones passed down to the next generations. Apparently, Renesmee and Cullen (even though it’s technically a last name) are pretty common occurrences as well!

Well, those former (or present) Twilight geeks couldn’t have chosen a better time to start popping babies and naming them after the legendary characters. We are currently experiencing the Twilight Renaissance, and there may be another surge in the popularity of vampire-related baby names in the years to come. Meyer’s saga really does have a long-lasting impact, doesn’t it?

Do you know anyone named after a Twilight character?

Source: PopBuzz