One Icky Character That Ruins Ted Lasso's Perfect Comfort Vibe

One Icky Character That Ruins Ted Lasso's Perfect Comfort Vibe
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We had a perfect feel-good show. Then, this girl appears out of nowhere.

Currently in its third season, Ted Lasso 's is Apple TV 's ultimate anti-depressant for everyone who needs a series that feels like a warm blanket after a tough day.

It has it all: an optimistic main character (who is no stranger to depression and anxiety, though), lovely sidekicks, nice feel-good comedy, and strong "believe-in-yourself" vibe.

Even the villains are evil just enough not to prevent us from genuinely enjoying the show: after all, we all know that Rupert is a narcissistic bastard, and Nate is a traitor with ego problems, and we are okay with hating them.

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But hating on a character who is supposed to be good? Moreover, a newcomer to the show? No, that's not something we want to do when watching Ted Lasso.

However, that's exactly what we end up doing because of the third season's new character, Shandy, who many fans call an annoying and insufferable version of Keely.

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See, Keely is an influencer who seems self-centered and "too much," but when we got to know her better, we immediately fell in love.

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Shandy, however, looks like a Keely rip-off who won't get any character development any time soon.

But while some find Shandy off-putting and ruining the comfort vibe of Ted Lasso, others argue that this is precisely the point.

"She's supposed to be rough around the edges because she creates tension for our main characters and a foil for characters like Rebecca or the CFO who are far more composed and professional," Redditor LCLeopards noted.

Don't get us wrong: it's not like Shandy is completely hopeless.

After all, we can still have Keely mentoring her and help her navigate the rocky world of the new job she has; and maybe just teach her some manners...

Next episode of Ted Lasso season 3 premieres on Apple TV on April 12.