One Jake Gyllenhaal’s Remark that Drastically Changed Denis Villeneuve Crime Hit 

One Jake Gyllenhaal’s Remark that Drastically Changed Denis Villeneuve Crime Hit 
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The actor’s vision on his Prisoners’ character has made the movie even better.


  • Jake Gyllenhaal suggested to add more layers and mystery to his character in Prisoners, revising the script with the director Denis Villeneuve.
  • Despite his great dedication to acting, he never won an Oscar.
  • The actor’s new project, Road House, is coming on Prime on March 21.

The upcoming release of Jake Gyllenhaal’s Road House, the remake of the 1989 action movie, coming on Prime Video on March 21, is an excellent reason to recall the actor’s best performances.

Gyllenhaal has made quite the career out of playing mysterious, threatening, and generally weird men in a number of intriguing thrillers and dramas. His role in Denis Villeneuve’s 2013 crime thriller Prisoners hasn’t become an exception.

His character, a detective aiming to find two missing girls, one of the keys of the movie’s success, could have been different and much less memorable if the actor was not dedicated to the matter of his life and his profession, this includes not only his passion for acting, but for the process of screenwriting and developing of the characters too.

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Many years after the Prisoners’ release Gyllenhaal confessed that while revising the script he realized his character is written in quite a straightforward manner and decided to convince the crew and the director to add more layers to his character.

He wanted to add another mystery for viewers to solve, apart from the movie’s detective story, and he managed to do it in the following revisions of his character’s description.

“<...> It’s not necessarily like a bad script that became a good movie. But sometimes you just add on to things, and they become totally different from what was written on the page,” the actor explained his desire to participate in building a character.

In a recent Reddit discussion, fans expressed their common disapproval of the fact that the actor hasn’t yet received an Oscar for his brilliant performances and such a level of dedication towards filmmaking, which can be rarely seen nowadays.

Although he was nominated as Best Supporting Actor for Brokeback Mountain in 2006, since then the Academy ignored his works, including Nightcrawler, Stringer and Prisoners as well.

However, there is an opinion that he doesn't even need this award, as he just enjoys his profession and takes the opportunity to work with other giants of the industry as an award itself.

Source: First We Feast, Reddit