One Sentence Margot Robbie’s Husband Needed to Tell Her to Marry Her Even Sooner

One Sentence Margot Robbie’s Husband Needed to Tell Her to Marry Her Even Sooner
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Margot Robbie has the best story to share about her husband, and we bet that you can relate.

Margot Robbie is a proud “Harry Potter nerd,” and she has proof of just how much of a nerd she is. In 2020, the star stopped by The Graham Norton Show to talk about her career and upcoming projects, and the host unexpectedly pulled up an old photo of Margot that felt like the epitome of Potterhead-ness.

In the picture, featuring teenage Robbie on her birthday, the future A-lister is wearing glasses as a tribute to her favorite character (though she doesn’t need them), holding a cup of tea in one hand and one of Harry Potter books in the other. Margot looks absolutely adorable!

Later on, the Barbie star shared the story that further cemented her as one of the biggest fans of the Chosen One’s story out there. Turns out, Robbie’s husband, producer Thomas Ackerley, was one of the extras in the Harry Potter movies back in the 2000s!

The actress was shocked to find that out after they had already tied the knot – she even admitted to her husband that she would’ve agreed to marry him earlier if he had revealed his “magical” past to her. Honestly, same, Margot, same.

When Ackerley was a kid, he landed a gig in the first three Harry Potter films. However, his most notable scene came about in the third installment, where he played one of the students Draco Malfoy pushed out of his way to get to Buckbeak.

Here is the scene in question.

By the way, Robbie was over the moon when she learned the fun fact that her hubby was the guy who got elbowed by the Slytherin Prince himself! Isn’t she just the sweetest?

Ackerley left his Harry Potter days behind and has since become a successful producer. He has even worked with his spouse on quite a few of her most outstanding films, such as I, Tonya, Terminal, Dreamland, and, most recently, Barbie.

This couple is certainly an iconic duo, so we can’t wait for their next project! Who knows, maybe they will both be involved in Max’s upcoming reboot? This way, Margot would get her chance to put her subject-matter knowledge to work.

Would you freak out if you found out that your other half was in Harry Potter?

Source: The Graham Norton Show