One Unforgivable Thing Glee’s Blaine Did To Kurt (And It’s Not Cheating)

One Unforgivable Thing Glee’s Blaine Did To Kurt (And It’s Not Cheating)
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We’re sorry, Klaine fans, but this should’ve been the end.


  • Glee was a FOX musical TV show that focused on the life of a High School Glee club.
  • The show was praised at the time of it being on air for the progressive portrayal of queer teens.
  • Years later, however, fans find some storylines abusive and hurtful, including the ones with LGBTQ+ characters.

If you don't know what Klaine is, you probably weren't on social media in 2012, when everyone was inundated with hashtags and gifs of them.

Kurt Hummel and Blaine Anderson, the characters from the iconic TV show Glee, portrayed by Chris Colfer and Darren Criss, were at the top of the charts at the time as one of the first openly gay teen couples on mainstream television.

They had an army of fans all over the world thanking them for the crumbs of representation, and they became an example for many young people of what relationships and romance should look like. Unfortunately, it was only years later, when the impressionable young audience had grown, that we understood how far each Glee storyline was from being a good example.

Klaine wasn't the only ones at fault, but as the story progressed, the writers put them through so much that they became one of the worst matches ever. Still, to this day, some fans refuse to believe that they just weren't meant to be together. In fact, their breakup was meant to happen back in Season 3, and Blaine was the one to blame.

Glee Kurt And Blaine Cheating Argument

As with any other topic involving human relationships, "emotional cheating" can be viewed in many different ways. Some people agree it exists, some people don't, and sometimes you just can't find common ground. In such a conflict, two people decide whether such a difference is acceptable to them.

In the case of Kurt and Blaine, the latter took the most toxic approach and manipulated the story to make himself look like the victim.

It was clear at the time that Kurt and Blaine were drifting apart, and a little flirtatious banter Kurt had with another guy over texts was nothing more than a way to relieve some stress. A perfectly normal thing to do, considering the show is based on 17-year-old teenagers and their behavior.

Blaine also wasn't wrong to feel hurt by Kurt's actions. However, he made some mistakes that made it even harder to open up and trust him. Going through his partner's phone would be a red flag number one. Denying Kurt's feelings about Sebastian, number two.

One Unforgivable Thing Glee’s Blaine Did To Kurt (And It’s Not Cheating) - image 1

Maybe the situations weren't identical, but one could argue that what Blaine had with Sebastian was even worse by his own standards.

Just like Kurt, he enjoyed the attention of another person and wasn't in a hurry to stop the flirting. Sebastian was always very open about his hatred for McKinley High in general and Kurt in particular, and Blaine didn't really fight back either. He was a little mesmerized by Sebastian, and it would be perfectly fine if he didn't deny it.

The worst thing Blaine did to Kurt was gaslight him into thinking that what he had with his little thing was somehow different or worse than what Blaine had with Sebastian. That manipulation, coming from a guy so desperate for attention that he cheated on Kurt a year later, should have been the beginning of the end of Klaine.

If you are interested in rewatching Glee and freshening up your memories of the series’ most controversial moments, you can go ahead and stream the show on Hulu.