One 'WandaVision' Fan Theory That Elizabeth Olsen Thinks "Could Have Been Cool"

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Sometimes fan theories seem to just fit the story better than the writers' approach.

Elizabeth Olsen seems to side with the fans when it comes to certain creative decisions in 'WandaVision'. Particularly, there is a certain fan theory she would have preferred to be incorporated into the show: the one that suggested that Wanda's brother Pietro portrayed by Evan Peters was from the multiverse.

"I thought that could have been cool to make Pietro a part of the Multiverse," Olsen told The Independent, saying that she loves fan theories for being "very clever".

In 'WandaVision', Evan's version of Pietro turned out to be nothing like fans imagined him to be – some of them considered that he was Mephisto, while others thought his appearance clearly hinted at MCU merging with X-Men.

But it turned out that Peter Maximoff was in fact… just a regular guy named Ralph Bohner, who was simply controlled by evil witch Agatha Harkness in order to mess with Wanda's mind.

Well, it looks like it is a missed opportunity now, unless Marvel creators come up with a witty way to explain the sudden shift from Ralph Bohner to X-Men's Quicksilver.

Other possibilities of the multiverse – including those connected to X-Men – are explored in the Doctor Strange sequel that hits screens on May 6. Elizabeth Olsen's Wanda has a central role in the movie, expected to dig into her chaos magic and the way it is tied to the alternate timelines.

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