Only 4 The CW Shows Have Survived Brutal 2022/2023 Season, What’s Next?

Only 4 The CW Shows Have Survived Brutal 2022/2023 Season, What’s Next?
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Is there a future for teen dramas?

The finale of The CW's Riverdale marks not only the end of the season for the network but also the end of an era of teen dramas and superhero adaptations that we know and love the network for.

With so many shows ending or being canceled at once, The CW is in danger of becoming public enemy number one to the same audience it has been catering to for years.

Of all the shows that were on during the network's massacre, only 4 survived. All American will return with season 6, All American: Homecoming with season 3, Walker with season 4, and Superman & Lois with season 4 as well.

If you get the feeling that one of the shows stands out from the rest, you are right. The fate of Superman & Lois was unknown until June. It is clear that The CW is trying to get rid of any superhero connection to the brand, which is why the renewal of Kent Clark's story was very much in question.

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While fans are grateful for another season, they believe it would be the last for the show. The creators were probably given the chance to tie up all the loose ends and make a finale that would satisfy the audience. The cuts to the recurring cast that came with this decision only prove the point.

The sudden change of heart is not so sudden, as a year ago The CW network sold 75% of its shares to media giant Nexstar, which had an ambitious plan to make the company profitable by 2025. While not many people believed this was possible, canceling the majority of projects is certainly an effective way to cut costs.

Although the plan may be working from a commercial standpoint, The CW's former audience of mostly young adults is now confused about the creative direction the network would take. With a clear preference for drama, some believe that The CW is trying to move into the realm of ABC and CBS.

It's hard to say what's next for The CW, especially in the midst of the ongoing WGA and SAG AFTRA strikes that have forced all major productions to halt.

What is clear is that executives have no interest in returning to youth-oriented content. But don't rush to judgment: both Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are still here, and still willing to explore the young adult market.