Oscar Isaac Unleashes Fan Fantasy After Teasing This Detail in 'Moon Knight'

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Moon Knight is quite a confusing character, since he has multiple personalities. However, in the Disney series, we have so far only met two of these personalities – at least directly.

As fans continue to spot hints at the possible new personality of Moon Knight being disclosed, Oscar Isaac proceeds to fuel the fire of fan theories and guesses. Oh, and if you aren't keeping up with the 'Moon Knight' series, you still have a chance to protect yourself from spoilers ahead.

When speaking to ET about whether fans should expect another masked ego in the show, given that both Steven Grant and Marc Spector start to suspect they're not alone, Isaac played coy.

"It's very possible. You'll have to keep watching to find out," he teased.

The possibility of Jake Lockley – another alter-ego of Moon Knight – to finally pop out in the show is "quite logical", the actor admits.

So the fans immediately started to fantasize as to what Jake Lockley's signature Moon Knight costume would look like. Steven has a quirky white suit, while Marc opts for mummy-like battle armor. What would Lockley's style choices be?

Hands up if you vote for the cowboy suit!

Or, say, Shadow Knight?

There is also a compromise for the occasion when Moon Knight makes peace with all of his personalities.

The only way for us to know more about Jake Lockley's unique style is to follow the series as it streams on Disney Plus through May 4.

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