'Our Flag Means Death' BTS Photo Shows The Struggle To Make The Series Happen

Image credit: Legion-Media

HBO Max's pirate comedy is still waiting to be renewed for a second season, and the recently released BTS pic only reinforces fans' love for the creative team behind the LGBTQ+ series.

Taika Waititi-produced series premiered earlier this year, premiered earlier this year, and the rag-tag crew of gay pirates quickly earned a place in the hearts of millions of fans worldwide. While HBO has made no official announcement regarding the future of the series, fans are revisiting the first season and discussing all the efforts the production team has made to make the series an outstanding and empowering work of art.

Alex Sherman, one of the 'Our Flag Means Death' writers, recently posted a BTS photo detailing the production of the series, and photography department's struggle to shoot the scene with a natural light.

Fans were quick to acknowledge how difficult it was to make the series as great as it is, praising the crew for putting so much effort into filming each individual scene.

Despite these brief periods of joy, the 'Our Flag Means Death' fandom is still under stress as HBO refuses to announce whether the series will be canceled or renewed. Fans continue to demand a second season, but the streaming giant's execs remain ominously silent.

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