Outraged Fans Demand Amber Heard Out of 'Aquaman 2' After She Admits to Hitting Johnny Depp

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In wake of Amber Heard's allegations of domestic abuse, Johnny Depp has effectively lost a handful of his big gigs, including those in 'Fantastic Beasts' and 'Pirates of the Caribbean'. Heard has lost none.

With the court having heard bombshell audio tapes in which Amber Heard admits to having started physical altercations with her ex-husband Johnny Depp, social media immediately went insane.

"But you're fine! I did not hurt you! I did not punch you!" Amber is heard insisting on the audiotape that has quickly become viral. "I was hitting you!" she then went on to clarify.

As nice a clarification as it was, it looks like it did not help her much.

The fact that Heard remains employed with Warner Bros. as one of the female leads in 'Aquaman 2' surely does not sit well with many fans now.

So they took to social media in a massive online campaign to demand that the studio boots Heard from the movie, with hashtags #JusticeForJohnnyDepp and #FireAmberHeard taking Twitter trends by storm.

Someone has already connected the dots.

Both Depp and Heard have been accusing each other of domestic abuse, with Depp claiming that Heard cut his finger off after throwing a vodka bottle at him. Heard, in turn, has insisted that it was Depp who abused her.

The trial is set to continue for several weeks, with millions of dollars at stake.

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