Overlooked TV Gem That Has Everyone Comparing It to Lost

Overlooked TV Gem That Has Everyone Comparing It to Lost
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Why From is perfect for Lost Fans and horror lovers.

If you are a fan of the TV hit Lost, you probably remember the thrill of unraveling mysteries, the suspense of unexpected twists, and the attachment to characters. Well, if you feel like it's time to relive those moments, there is a show that's just perfect for it.

Imagine stumbling upon a strange, remote town where unwilling occupants are besieged by unstoppable terror. That's exactly what MGM+ (formerly known as Epixwhat) offers you in its TV show From.

In From, strangers encounter a mysterious tree on the road, and their ride back takes them to a seemingly abandoned town. But the town is invaded by violent human-like monsters every night.

What makes From so appealing, especially to Lost fans? Well, for starters, the mystery factor is just as strong in From. Just like Lost, From sucks you into a tangled web of intrigue, with a mind-bending puzzling story you can't wait to solve.

From jumps between disturbing, suspenseful, and creepy with ease. Scenes of nightly visitors taking on their true form and freaky hallucination sequences are hard to shake.

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Twists and turns are a staple of From. The show's various surprises have only become more intense and dramatically rich, especially in the second season. It sets a wild tone, ensuring the audience never gets too comfortable.

The performances in From are also top-notch. Lost and Oz actor Harold Perrineau leads the way, with standout roles from actors like Eion Bailey and Ricky He.

Mythology and world-building are at the heart of From. If you loved the sense of the world in Lost, Game of Thrones, or Twin Peaks, From won't disappoint.

From is unique and different. In a landscape flooded with cookie-cutter shows, From's dedication to the horror genre makes it a refreshing watch.

Reddit users are feeling the Lost vibes from the series. Some fans are calling it the closest thing to Lost they've watched in years. Some even feel a mix of Lost and Stephen King energy in From.

Fans of shows like Yellowjackets, Severance, Twin Peaks, and The Leftovers also might want to check From out.

From is available to stream on MGM+ and Prime Video.

Source: Reddit