Pamela Anderson Takes Over Priscilla Presley’s Role In 1988 Iconic Comedy’s Reboot

Pamela Anderson Takes Over Priscilla Presley’s Role In 1988 Iconic Comedy’s Reboot
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Anderson is joining another famous actor who’s already sophisticated in such plot twists.


  • According to the recent reports, Pamela Anderson has officially joined the cast of a 1980s highly rated crime comedy’s remake.
  • The original movie is based on the 1982 television series and follows a luckless policeman trying to solve the biggest and most dangerous crimes.
  • Pamela Anderson will star in the upcoming reboot alongside Liam Neeson who here gets to portray the main character.

Another cult movie is getting its reboot — and we’re here for it.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Baywatch’s star Pamela Anderson is already confirmed to be taking up a role in the upcoming remake for 1988’s crime comedy film The Naked Gun. Prior to this news, Liam Neeson signed up for the leading role in the reboot.

Based on the 1982 television show Police Squad!, the movie follows Frank Drebin, a clumsy police lieutenant who embarks on a search for a criminal that is planning an assassination of Queen Elizabeth II using a brainwashed baseball player.

Pamela Anderson Takes Over Priscilla Presley’s Role In 1988 Iconic Comedy’s Reboot - image 1

Judging by the storyline, Neeson is set to portray Drebin while Anderson will most possibly appear as the main character’s love interest, Jane Spenser, played by Priscilla Presley in the original film.

The Naked Gun became a huge hit back in the 1990s and was quick to obtain the status of cult classic crashing all the severe seriousness of the detective genre.

The movie ended up being a commercial and critical success with more than $150 million in the box office against the budget of $12 million and 86% on Rotten Tomatoes to this day leaving the critics in delight with its hilarious gags.

Though nothing about the upcoming reboot and its plot has been revealed yet, Liam Neeson and Pamela Anderson may be a perfect match for recreating the famous story in modern dress.

Despite most of Neeson’s filmography being about the toughest guys that the cinema could ever see, this time he has high chances to bring in some humor that he couldn’t afford earlier. Pamela Anderson, in her turn, is an ideal challenger for portraying someone with a balanced mix of sexiness and naivety.

The Naked Gun’s remake will presumably hit the cinemas on July 18, 2025, though the production hasn’t started yet.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter