Parks & Recreation Star Joins The Umbrella Academy Season 4

Parks & Recreation Star Joins The Umbrella Academy Season 4
Image credit: Netflix

Fans are excited about the rumor that Nick Offerman will star in The Umbrella Academy Season 4.

The Umbrella Academy is coming to an end, much to the dismay of its massive fan base. Showrunner Steve Blackman has promised that the fourth and final season, which will begin filming in February of this year and most likely be released on Netflix sometime in 2024, will have an exciting storyline that will keep viewers "on the edge of their seats". And the rumors about the new season so far support that claim.

According to What's on Netflix, Nick Offerman is in discussion to join the Season 4 cast, which will largely consist of returning stars reprising their roles from previous seasons.

Offerman, known for his iconic role as Ron Swanson in NBC's political satire Parks and Recreation, will reportedly portray Gerald, an "eccentric small-town mayor." Since there is no such character in Gerard Way and Gabriel Bá's comic book series, Gerald is being created specifically for the superhero series and might be a surprise to fans who are excited about the rumor.

"While I'm still sad the show is ending, this casting makes me incredibly happy," one of the fans wrote on Reddit.

Even those who were reluctant to watch Season 4 of the Netflix show famous for long hiatuses changed their minds after hearing the exciting rumor despite not being sure before.

Nick Offerman's filmography is quite impressive. Having starred in such popular projects as Devs, Pam & Tommy, and The Great North, the actor has recently been busy with several new projects, including the role of Bill in the hit series The Last of Us. Fans are happy to see that the beloved actor is finally getting global recognition beyond Parks and Recreation.

"I find this man to be incredibly interesting, and he cracks me the hell up. Underrated dude for far too long, glad that he's been getting more and more recognition over the past few years," one of the fans commented.

Aside from Nick Offerman, no other new cast members have been announced or even rumored, so fans are eagerly awaiting any updates on the final season of the beloved show, which Steve Blackman says will be an exciting and fitting end to the Hargreaves siblings' journey.