Patrick Dempsey's Killer Flick Slashes Its Way to Top Tier Status on HBO

Patrick Dempsey's Killer Flick Slashes Its Way to Top Tier Status on HBO
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Time to thank the genre’s masters for having such a well-cooked horror!


  • HBO’s chart is now conquered by the thematic slasher of the last year.
  • It presents quite an outstanding flow of horror and comedy, telling a story of a series of murders conducted during the Black Friday sale.

Given the enormous popularity of the Scream franchise, whose seventh chapter is already in development, it’s obvious people’s interest in slasher horrors doesn't need to be rekindled.

But what if we set a serial killer film in the timeline of America’s most important days of fall, filling it with satire? We’ll receive the 2023 movie, which has become a prominent HBO’s global chart climber, now holding the sixth place in it.

It opens up depicting a Black Friday sale, which gathered an enormous crowd of people urging for useless pieces of plastic, which provoked a hustle bringing a number of innocent victims.

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With a one-year time jump we see the preparation for the next Black Friday, during which the city gets fearful of a relentless masked killer, whose actions appear to be connected with the tragic events of last year’s sale frenzy.

The movie’s cast assembles the Grey's Anatomy star Patrick Dempsey in the role of the local sheriff, investigating the murders, and the TikTok queen Addison Rae, playing one of the high schoolers who also start their search for the killer. Thus, the given horror showcases characters of two generations, portraying their own struggles.

Then we need to acknowledge that the given film is set in Plymouth, Massachusetts, which is known as the hometown of Thanksgiving. More than that, the murderer’s mask is of the town’s first governor, John Carver, which also implies some kind of a metaphor.

It won’t be surprising for slasher fans that we’re talking about Eli Roth’s Thanksgiving, which became the feature-length adaptation of his fictitious trailer from Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez’s Grindhouse (2007). Taking its 84% on Rotten Tomatoes into account, it was received so well that the 16-year wait was worth it.

This festive-related all-star movie perfectly balances between perfectly-timed horror moments, as it has a lot of impressive kills to bite your nails about, and outstanding humor, mocking some historical and societal topics, familiar to all American people.

Delve into the horrifying, but amusing atmosphere of the holiday with the 2023 Thanksgiving, which is now streaming on HBO Max .

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