Pedro Pascal Reveals 5 Spanish Words He Would Teach Grogu (Yes, Daddy's Among Them)

Pedro Pascal Reveals 5 Spanish Words He Would Teach Grogu (Yes, Daddy's Among Them)
Image credit: Legion-Media

The Internet's Daddy has done it again – made us all wish we were Grogu, that is. Intrigued?

Pedro Pascal plays the titular character in the Star Wars spinoff The Mandalorian. In the show, he is a bounty hunter hired to track down Grogu, a child of the same species as Yoda, but something goes sideways.

Instead of doing what he is paid to do, Din Djarin basically becomes Grogu's daddy (we are not jealous, you are) and does everything in his power to protect him from the Imperials.

On the official Star Wars TikTok account, Pedro replied to a fan's question, "What 5 words in Spanish would you like Grogu to learn?", and his answer is exactly what we would expect!

The actor chose the best words for Grogu to learn – basically the words of a love confession.

"Yo te quiero mucho, papi" is what Pascal picked, which translates to "I love you so much, daddy."

Aww, imagine if we heard this in one of the episodes! We would just melt immediately.

The funny thing is that this sentence can work both ways. Grogu can say it to Mando (provided he teaches him first, of course), but Mando can say it to Grogu too! Why would Mando call his adoptive son daddy?

Simple. In colloquial Spanish, "papi" is used as a term of affection for any man (much like you might call your kid or husband "baby" in English).

This would definitely add a very special Latinx element to The Mandalorian. We don't really mind, though!

Fans have been obsessing over the video for the past week, and the Star Wars account has been responding to the most hilarious comments. One user said, "How many times have you watched this? Yes." Honestly, we lost count!

Let's see if the creators of The Mandalorian take Pedro's suggestion and make us all happy with one of the future episodes. May the Force be with us!