3 Most Likely MCU Cameos to Expect in 'Ms. Marvel'

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'Ms. Marvel' is only getting started, so fans' hopes of a cameo or two are high.

There are several characters people would love to see in 'Ms. Marvel', even though little is currently known about whether anyone from Marvel comics or the MCU is set to appear in the new show.

However, fans seem to be ready to wait until the finale if they need just to see their favorites hanging out with Kamala Khan. One of such characters is Miles Morales, who frequently joined Ms. Marvel on comic books pages, but has not been introduced into the Marvel Cinematic Universe yet.

"I would really like it if they did the same thing with Miles that they did with MJ first season he’s kinda there second season he gets more involved until they want him as a Spider-Man", – @calkins_colin.

Another obvious cameo is Captain Marvel – Kamala Khan's idol. Chances of Carol Denvers appearing in 'Ms. Marvel' are a lot higher than those of Miles Morales, since Brie Larson, who portrays Captain Marvel, has already reached out to Iman Vellani to give her some superhero advice.

"Well for the fact that Miles Morales isn't from New Jersey where #MsMarvel is set, he's out of the running. We will more than likely get nods toward #CaptainMarvel (being it's her idol), but if we HAVE to pick who's likely to show up, it'd be Monica or even someone from Eternals," – @TheOklaHomiePod.

But she is not the only Captain Marvel, as we already know thanks to 'Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness'. Another person who could appear in 'Ms. Marvel' is Monica Rambeau – a version of Captain Marvel from Earth-199999 who was briefly introduced to audience in the Doctor Strange sequel. A part of the Illuminati group, she was brutally murdered by Wanda Maximoff alongside the others, but there might be a lot more multiversal possibilities than we can imagine.

"Chances are that both Monica Rambeau and Captain Marvel will appear in the show or in an after credits scene. Considering the next Captain Marvel movie is simply called… The Marvels. And with knowing that Captain Marvel gave Rambeau a mission at the end of Wanda Vision," – @Alexthehiker.

Currently, the appearance of Brie Larson's character is deemed to be the most likely cameo to expect in 'Ms. Marvel'. But when on Earth was Marvel Studio predictable?

'Ms. Marvel' is streaming on Disney Plus since June 8, with new episodes released weekly on Wednesdays.

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