'Percy Jackson and the Olympians' TV Series: Here's What We Know So Far

'Percy Jackson and the Olympians' TV Series: Here's What We Know So Far
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Pack your things, we need to set off to Camp Half-Blood. Oh, and get some drachmas.

The TV series revolving around the adventures of the Son of Poseidon, Percy Jackson, and his friends – Annabeth Chase, the daughter of Athena, and satyr Grover Underwood – is due to hit our screens in 2023. There is not much known yet about the show, but here is a quick recap on things that are not hidden under the mist.

According to the Twitter account that sums up the updates about the Percy Jackson series, season 1 will include 8 episodes. At least one of them, judging by what Rick Riordan had to share in his blog, will feature a scene from the book 'Lightning Thief', when the heroes have to take a ride in the 'Tunnel of Love' at a local water park so that Ares, the God of War, takes them to Los Angeles.

Riordan revealed it as he reflected on how he and the series' creative team went scouting for filming locations.

As to the show's cast, we currently only know the names of the actors portraying the main trio – Walker Scobell as Percy, Leah Sava Jeffries as Annabeth, and Aryan Simhadri as Grover.

With the show's cast still remaining a mystery, fans resort to offering their own version (as of late, many have been rallying in support of casting Logan Lerman as Poseidon and Alexandra Daddario as Athena; both played the main parts in the 2010s movies).

Fans Got an Idea For Logan Lerman to Redeem Himself in Percy Jackson Universe

It is unclear whether the show will follow the books' order or come up with its own unique storyline. Besides, we are yet to find out which Olympic gods will be involved in the show (perhaps, we can hope to see Ares, since there will be a scene he is a part of).

There is no release date, but the production is set to kick off on June 1, wrapping up in January 2023. Later in the year, the series is expected to premiere on Disney Plus.