Peter Pan & Wendy: Will The Remake Be Another Disney Flop?

Peter Pan & Wendy: Will The Remake Be Another Disney Flop?
Image credit: Legion-Media

Walt Disney Studios has just released a trailer to the new Peter Pan movie, starring Ever Anderson and Jude Law.

Is the trailer too dark and gruesome, or the classic plot has become too woke, but the audience doesn't seem to like it.

There's a firm opinion among the Pan fandom that were the movie any good, it would be shown in theaters, not on Disney Plus exclusively.

Indeed, such a preconception has the right to exist. The rationale behind this decision is based on the fact that Disney movies are still good fund-raisers.

Let's rephrase it a bit: good Disney movies are good fund-raisers, sometimes even cash cows. The mediocrity of what we see in the trailer leaves much to be desired, according to fans.

"This movie also was filmed long ago and wasn't yet released because they didn't like what they saw and had to reshoot. This will not be good," seemingly well-informed Redditor fixedglass said.

A complete lack of creativity and overwhelming "wokeness" seems to be the verdict. "Drab and depressing" are the epithets fans think the trailer deserves.

"It's nothing what a fantasy-adventure movie for children should be like. Generic dialogue, generic music, generic shots – literally nothing stands out. Plus bad woke jokes. And let's not even talk about the VFX," Reddit user Random968 wrote.

Let's be clear. There's nothing wrong with raising such topics as gender equality and racism, but as the fans say, it shouldn't be done at the expense of writing.

Screenplay is the pivoting point of every picture. No conspicuous progressiveness, famous actors, or VFX can make it up for the badly-written script.

But as many disappointedly or sarcastically note, Disney has given up making pictures long ago, and now resorts to making political statements.

However, everyone is excited to see the work of David Lowry, whose credentials include well-acclaimed Pete's Dragon and The Green Knight. Optimists believe that the two projects were great, so there is hope for the upcoming Peter Pan movie.

Anyway, we should not judge a book by its cover and a film by its trailer. Who knows what the upcoming remake has to offer?.. We'll see on April, 28th, when the movie hits Disney Plus.