Phoebe and Joey's Almost Love Affair Was Friends' Biggest Missed Opportunity

Phoebe and Joey's Almost Love Affair Was Friends' Biggest Missed Opportunity
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As perhaps the most iconic sitcom of the '90s, Friends is known for its iconic relationships and comedic moments, but one storyline that often goes overlooked is the almost love affair between Phoebe and Joey.

While the two shared a deep and enduring friendship, their flirtation and near-romantic relationship is often considered one of the show's biggest missed opportunities.

One of the main reasons for this viewpoint is the chemistry between Phoebe and Joey. The two characters had a unique and undeniable bond that was different from any other relationship on the show. They were both kind, caring, and supportive of each other, and they had a great sense of humor and a deep understanding of one another.

Strictly Platonic

As for potential routes the show could take, the writers never decided to pursue any of the plausible storylines that championed a Phoebe-Joey relationship. Co-writer David Crane pointed out that Phoebe and Joey's friendship was a key part of the show and that a romantic relationship would have changed the dynamic of the show in a negative way.

The few kisses exchanged and lunches shared in secrecy were clever teases at what their relationship could have flourished into – and it is so hard to accept that it didn't! Regardless of the potential and support of the show's fanbase, their fate rested as one of platonic nature.

An Opportunity Missed?

Friends fans equate the pair to Romeo and Juliet, in the sense that two people were forcibly kept apart against their wills. Indeed, they did have massive potential, but the opportunity was not entirely lost.

As Matt LeBlanc ( who fully shipped the two) reported to People, the pair were hooking up the entire time. From the two sporadically coming out of a broom closet in the middle of a scene, there were many allusions to some suggestive behavior throughout the years.

It Was For the Best

To some, it may always be the biggest opportunity that the writers passed on, but it was not without reason. When questioned on the topic, the creative team seems unanimous and stands by the same narrative. A plot that united the two would have had the potential to get the show stuck in a static cycle of passion and heartbreak. Though exciting at first, it would have restricted the creative freedom of the writers and limited the paths each character could go.

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For fans, things did work out well, with each character obtaining closure in their own right. But was that closure enough? A lot of people feel that the two could have had something far more fulfilling than the cards they were dealt. Their chemistry was undeniable and their relationship would have added a new dynamic to the show. It would have been a refreshing change of pace from the show's other relationships and would have provided a new layer of depth to the characters.

While the show is a classic, it's always interesting to think about the different paths it could have taken.