Plot Leak Reveals 'Ms. Marvel' Main Villains, And They Are Huge

Plot Leak Reveals 'Ms. Marvel' Main Villains, And They Are Huge
Image credit: Marvel Studios

The premiere of 'Ms. Marvel' is just around the corner, but it looks like MCU fans are still in for some big surprises.

The Disney+ series, which chronicles the rise of Kamala Khan ( Iman Vellani ), will finally introduce a beloved character to the MCU, and given Miss Marvel's primary role in next year's Marvels, upcoming series will see many groundbreaking developments over the course of its 6 episodes. And more interestingly, the series will bring a lot of teen drama to the MCU: fans will see how a 16-year-old Pakistani American girl, Kamala, copes with school, her first love, and... An alien invasion?

According to the latest rumors on 4Chan, the main villains Ms. Marvel is going to face are the Clan Destine, a group of Kree-human hybrids with enormous powers who have lived since the 12th century AD. They were first introduced in the original Marvel Comics back in the '90s, and haven't been developed much since then, making their appearance in the MCU a pleasant surprise.

According to the scoop, the Clan Destine won't be entirely evil, as they consider themselves humanity's last hope against the impending invasion of the Skrulls. Yes, it looks like 'Secret Invasion ' will be set up in 'Ms. Marvel', which isn't entirely surprising given Kamala's ties to the Inhumans, known for their fight against the green-skinned alien invaders.

Fans are still undecided about their reaction to the news, wondering why Marvel decided to bring an obscure superhero team into the MCU when they already own all the rights to the Inhumans, with the cast of the ABC series more than willing to repeat their roles.

'Ms. Marvel' will arrive on Disney+ June 8, 2022.