Prime Video Adds a Hidden K-Drama Gem With Strong Girl Bong-soon Star Today

Prime Video Adds a Hidden K-Drama Gem With Strong Girl Bong-soon Star Today
Image credit: Prime Video

This drama is about to surprise you.

While Netflix is trying to impress all fans of the mysterious and supernatural with its deadliest hit yet, Dead Boy Detectives, Amazon Prime Video is stepping into the competition with another ghost show to suggest to viewers. The difference is that Prime's new show is not actually new, but has been around for almost a full decade before landing on the streamer.

Oh My Ghost is both a love story, a suggestive comedy, and a mystery for viewers to solve. To top it all off, the cast is led by Park Bo-young, already known and loved for another Korean TV hit, Strong Girl Bong-soon.

Is Oh My Ghost Good?

If you are not a fan of very suggestive shows, this K-drama is probably not for you, as it is one of the juiciest and most scandalous ones out there. In the first episode, viewers are introduced to the shy Na Bong-sun, who works as a cook in a restaurant. Her life is quite boring before she is possessed by the ghost of Shin Soon-ae.

Just like any other ghost that haunts the earth, Shin Soon-ae cannot go to the other side because she has unfinished business there. Since she died young, she was still a virgin when it happened, and so Soon-ae believes that she has to have sex in order to move on. Na Bong-sun's body becomes a vessel and her boss a potential victim.

Even though the show is much more racy than many other K-dramas allow themselves, especially considering that it was released in 2015, it is worth watching mainly because of its comedic element. In addition, Shin Soon-ae's death story turns out to be much more complicated, so mystery fans will also find something to satisfy their craving.

The drama has an 8.3/10 rating on MyDramaList with mostly positive reviews. Oh My Ghost has only 1 season with 16 episodes, so it can be the perfect weekend binge for those who don't mind a bit of a scary start.

If you loved Strong Girl Bong-soon and want to see more of Park Bo-young, or if you're looking for something fun yet gripping to watch over the weekend, Oh My Ghost is your best bet. Tune in to Prime Video on May 9 to stream all episodes of the show.