Quentin Tarantino's Least Favorite Films: A List of 14 Disappointments

Quentin Tarantino's Least Favorite Films: A List of 14 Disappointments
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The famous director is widely known for being a cinephile and passionate film critic who doesn't mince words when talking about films he hated for one reason or another.

Here are the films that Tarantino publicly bashed in different interviews throughout his long career.

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me (1992)

Quentin Tarantino thought that while directing the prequel to Twin Peaks David Lynch had become too absorbed in himself and his own art-films world.

Natural Born Killers (1994)

The famed filmmaker and writer hated Oliver Stone's crime film despite actually writing the script for it. Tarantino was angry that Stone rewrote parts of his script, changing the story completely and making it unbelievable.

Scream ( 1996)

According to Tarantino, Wes Craven didn't push beyond his limits while filming the famous slasher.

The Town (2010)

The famed filmmaker called Ben Affleck 's crime drama "phony" because of its failed casting choices.

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Tenet (2020)

Tarantino was totally confused by Christopher Nolan 's time-bending sci-fi movie to the relief of many viewers who didn't understand the thriller either.

Stripes (1981)

Pulp Fiction director hates the way 80s' movies turn every complex unlikable protagonist into a perfect hero. Ivan Reitman's Stripes is just one example of it.

Scrooged (1988)

In addition to Stripes' John Winger, Tarantino criticized other Bill Murray roles for being oversimplified and having too straightforward arcs. The Scrooged protagonist Frank Cross went from a bastard to a goodie, and that was the whole point of the movie which frustrated Tarantino.

Groundhog Day (1993)

Another Murray character who, according to Tarantino, didn't need redemption but surely got one at the end was Phil Connors from Groundhog Day.

The Hunger Games ( 2012)

Just like many Battle Royale fans, Tarantino thought The Hunger Games' just ripped beloved Kinji Fukasaku's dystopian thriller Battle Royale off.

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Halloween II (1981)

The renowned auteur hates all sequels to John Carpenter's 1978 Halloween. But he thinks Halloween II is the worst of them because of the plot twist that revealed Michael and Laurie were related.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Episode VII (2015)

The popular filmmaker hated The Force Awakens for personal reasons. Besides being a famed Star Trek fan, in 2015, Tarantino had a public feud with Disney, when a disagreement over theater availability pitted The Hateful Eight against J.J. Abrams' sci-fi sequel.

The Matrix Reloaded (2003), The Matrix Revolutions (2003)

Tarantino loved The Matrix, which was once in his personal top 3 favorite films, but hated its sequels for ruining the mythology.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe (2008-present)

Tarantino stressed that he was not a Marvel hater but he criticized the studio for the "Marvel-ization of Hollywood." The director thinks that the MCU converted actors into ambassadors of IP instead of making them actual movie stars.