Real-Time Plane Hijacking Series With Idris Elba Will Arrive At Apple TV+

Image credit: Legion-Media

It looks like Idris Elba will try to emulate Fox's '24' in his upcoming real-time thriller series for Apple TV+.

The seven-episode series 'Hijack' will tell the story of experienced negotiator Sam Nelson (Elba), who tries to stop terrorists during a seven-hour flight to London. One episode = one hour, just like Kiefer Sutherland's Jack Bauer did back in the 2000s. The real-time idea is still rarely used by mainstream filmmaking, so the adrenaline-packed series could potentially be a big hit for Apple TV+.

The series will be produced by Elba as a part of his first-look deal with streaming giant. The British actor is currently very busy, starring in several highly anticipated films, including George Miller's 'Three Thousand Years of Longing' and the feature film continuing the story told in British blockbuster crime series 'Luther'.

The upcoming series will be written by George Kay, showrunner and writer behind Netflix's megahit French show 'Lupin', and helmed by Jim Field Smith, British television director.

Meanwhile people over at Twitter are poking fun at Apple TV for managing to lure almost half of Hollywood for their productions.

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