Recasting Lois Lane For Man Of Steel 2 Would Be an Ultimate Insult for Fans

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Among the ranks of most famous girlfriends of superheroes, Lois Lane stands above the rest.

Mary Jane Watson, Vicki Vale, Betty Ross, and all the rest haven't experienced the same popularity as Lois since her comic introduction in 1938.

Six-time Oscar nominee Amy Adams has been playing the current cinematic version of Lois since 2013's Man of Steel, playing the role in three movies over the past decade. Despite the low critical ratings of the franchise, one highlight has always been the excellent casting – and Adams is no exception.

It seemed like Henry Cavill's version of Superman was officially gone a few years ago, but the Black Adams post-credit scene confirmed that he is back for more in the iconic role.

Many questions were raised after the reveal, but one stands above all: Will the next Superman be a full reboot, recasting their characters?

The idea of Man of Steel 2 happening at least 10 years (and probably longer) after the original means they'll probably do at least a soft reboot. The new direction of DC, complete with new studio leaders, points to this as well. If they were to do a soft reboot, they'd likely retcon a few plot points but keep the same general story. If it were a full reboot, it's likely that several roles would be recast, including Lois'.

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But fan-favorite Adams being recast in the role would be an insult to fans of Superman and the DCU.

After the disappointing 2017 Justice League sent the studio into a tailspin – constantly switching long-term directions – Superman and Lois have yet to be seen. But the rest of the cast has been the same, and with DC's new direction under James Gunn and Peter Safran, we're still in the same continuity as 2013.

If anyone – especially the Hollywood icon Adams – were recast in the future of the DCU, the established continuity would be broken. DC's biggest issue thus far has been the struggle to unite their media, and if they completely rebooted the Superman story, that issue would only grow worse.

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Ultimately, any movie with Henry Cavill as Superman needs Amy Adams as Lois Lane. Zack Snyder, who directed all three of her DC performances, generated a perfectly cast film. Even with poor ratings, the acting in the Snyder movies was always praised, as was the chemistry between Cavill and Adams.

It's the most important superhero relationship in cinematic history, something they can't mess up. To bring back Cavill without Adams as Lois Lane would be an insult to all fans of the franchise.

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