#RecastTChalla Movement Leaves Fans Divided

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In an admittedly bizarre turn of events a call to find a new actor for Black Panther part is getting some serious traction on Twitter.

With 'Wakanda Forever' long since filmed and almost out of post-production at this point, it is a surprising movement that caught the MCU fans eye: some people are actively campaigning on Twitter for Marvel to recast T'Challa after Chadwick Boseman death.

The movement caused quite an outrage on Twitter, with many fans suggest those supporting #RecastTChalla movement to "move on", given that Black Panther's death is quite literally the cornerstone of the entire movie.

"The #RecastTChalla movement is so bizarre because Black Panther 2 is already filmed and almost complete in post. The story revolves around T'Challa's death. There's no wiggle room. It's over. Move on." – @GenericPerson0

However, given recent the MCU's development (specifically the introduction of "multiverse" concept), there's at least one way Marvel can actually recast T'Challa without much fuss:

"With how much they've pushed the Multiverse in this saga they could recast him. Just bring a T'Challa from an alternate universe/timeline. Cop out solution but it's still doable." – @SHMALL_

And then there's also Chadwick himself, who, according to his family, wanted Marvel to recast T'Challa.

"Every real black comic fan and #BlackPanther fan wanted to #RecastTChalla including the Boseman family members who spoke up. You don't know what you're talking about. We've been at this for over 1.5 years." – @MyWakandanKing

Even if Marvel isn't willing to find someone to replace Chadwick Boseman just yet, there's zero chance the MCU is going to get by without Black Panther in the future: after all, there's epic 'Secret Wars' adaptation already planned, and it's safe to say that we'll get to see at least one Black Panther variant there.

'Black Panther: Wakanda Forever' is set to premiere in theaters November 11, 2022, and after that we'll have to wait another three years to see 'Avengers: Secret Wars' – the movie is planned for November 7, 2025 release.

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