Reddit Came Up With a Perfect Way For Stranger Things Spinoff Not to Flop

Reddit Came Up With a Perfect Way For Stranger Things Spinoff Not to Flop
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Fans are surprisingly open to the series exploring new creative territory.

It seems that Netflix has finally decided to further explore the world of one of its most popular TV series.

The streaming service has ordered an animated spinoff series of Stranger Things created by Eric Robles and Flying Bark Productions.

The Duffer Brothers said in an official statement that they have always wanted to explore the ideas of the show in a form similar to the Saturday morning cartoons so beloved by many, and are thrilled to finally see their wish come true.

Talk of the live-action spinoff has been around since July 2022, but no information has been released since then, so fans are happy to at least hear something about their favorite TV universe.

Some even point out that they are more interested in the animated format than the live-action one, as it offers more creative possibilities and would allow the creators to avoid one of the criticized aspects of the live-action series, which is young actors aging rapidly between seasons.

"It's possible they could do what Stranger Things was originally meant to be and do an anthology series, with a different plot either each episode or season," Reddit user keylime39 said.

Others wonder how much the events of the spin-off will be connected to the main series, if at all. It is possible that the show will focus on one of the other children at Hawkins National Laboratory.

Millie Bobby Brown, who plays Eleven in the main series, has already expressed a willingness to "help navigate" whoever ends up starring in a potential spinoff.

It is also possible that the show could focus on Kali, another superpowered child who was briefly introduced in the second season of the main series.

However, given the mixed reception the character has received from fans, it is still unclear if Netflix would be willing to take such a risk instead of a safer route.

The official title and release date for the animated spin-off have not yet been announced.