Reddit Have Some Ideas About What M. Night Shyamalan's New Film Will Be About

Reddit Have Some Ideas About What M. Night Shyamalan's New Film Will Be About
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'Knock at the Cabin' has just finished production, and the usually secretive director is careful not to reveal the narrative. But it looks like some Reddit users have already been able to solve the mystery, creating a pretty plausible theory.

The film, which is described as "home invasion horror set during the apocalypse", will star Dave Bautista, Rupert Grint and Jonathan Groff. Plot details are scarce, but what is revealed on the film's official IMDb page promises something right up Shyamalan's alley. Since every new project by the Indian-American director is a hit with audiences, it's no surprise that some devoted fans decided to try to uncover details about the upcoming film.

On a recent Reddit thread one of the director's fans talked about the curious similarities that 'Knock at the Cabin' shares with a bestselling book 'Cabin at the End of the World' by Paul Tremblay. The plot of the book follows the lives of two married men and their adopted daughter who are confronted by a group of sinister outsiders who claim that only by killing their daughter can the world be saved. Sounds just like a new Shyamalan movie, doesn't it? And the fact that Tremblay himself is listed as one of the screenwriters of the upcoming film almost completely proves the correctness of this theory.

"M Night has said this movie is based on a book that he optioned, which basically confirms it. That combined with the casting of two gay men, one who’s character is named Eric, a large brute (Batista), a scene in a bar, the only other primary characters being another man and two women, it’s 100% Cabin at the End of the World," – /rer35.

Fans were fairly quick to get excited at the prospect of seeing Bautista and Grint as a gay couple, but since there is no official confirmation yet, they may as well play outsiders.

Given the nature of the story, fans are already expecting some pretty juicy plot twists from Shyamalan, looking forward to the film's release, scheduled for February 3, 2023.