Remember Colin Creevey from Harry Potter? Hugh Mitchell's All Grown-Up, Still into Photography

Remember Colin Creevey from Harry Potter? Hugh Mitchell's All Grown-Up, Still into Photography
Image credit: Warner Bros.

Sweet little Colin Creevey is not so little anymore! Let's take a nostalgia trip and see what Hugh Mitchell is up to now.

Colin Creevey, played by Hugh Mitchell, is one of the most memorable supporting characters from Harry Potter.

Just in case your memory fails you, Colin was a Gryffindor, one year younger than Harry, who is considered the biggest Potterhead there is!

Ever since his first year, Colin was obsessed with Harry, and he was basically the Chosen One's personal paparazzi, following him around everywhere (not in a stalker way, but close). Have we jogged your memory a bit? Good!

Unfortunately, movie Colin Creevey only appeared in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets and was cut from the rest of them (book Colin had a more significant role in later books though!).

Why did Mike Newell do Colin so dirty? Nothing scandalous, really.

For the sake of the movies not being five hours long, Mitchell's role was first cut from the movies and then the character was replaced by an original one – Nigel Wolpert (essentially, a mix of both Creevey brothers), starting with Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

The reason? Fans believe that it was because Hugh Mitchell simply grew up too fast and no longer fit the role. This seems possible as the actor looked older than Daniel Radcliffe by the time of the fifth movie!

What does Hugh Mitchell do now? More or less the same, actually. Just like his Harry Potter character, he is still keen on photography!

Mitchell is now 33, and he is a professional photographer with a passion for landscapes. He shares his works on his Instagram page, and he is pretty good. Colin would have been proud!

Hugh has his own website dedicated to his photography. You can even hire him for your wedding. Any Potterhead takers?

Looking at him now, it is pretty hard to spot Harry's annoying fanboy in this well-accomplished young man, isn't it?

Well, maybe not as hard if you come across Hugh's photo with a camera. There is our Colin we all still love!