Revenge K-Drama Dubbed the Best to Help You Get Over Your Ex

Revenge K-Drama Dubbed the Best to Help You Get Over Your Ex
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From a naive girlie to self-loving shark.

When life throws us lemons, people suggest that we make lemonade, right? This is actually good advice, and it can be turned around in as many ways as you want.

For example, if you are heartbroken – the best thing you can do is have a good three days of crying, go party with your besties, and then grab a pen and plan a perfect revenge plot. Because that bastard should have known better than to hurt you!

If you don’t know where to start from, you should seek inspiration, for example, in a K-drama. But not just in any of them, we suggest you check out this 2023 gem called Perfect Marriage Revenge.

The story at the center of this K-drama is quite unusual, although it revolves around a family drama, which is quite a common thing… The series follows the life of Han Yi Joo, the adopted child of Han Jin Woong and Lee Jung Hye, a wealthy couple running Hanwool Financial Group.

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It may seem like she should have no worries and live her best life, but in reality she is deeply unhappy because she still didn’t succeed in gaining her parents’ love after all these years of being in the family. She doesn't even share a bond with her younger sister Han Yoo Ra…

Han Yi Joo is married to Jung Se Hyeo, but this marriage is anything but happy. The thing is that Se Hyeo is crazy about Yoo Ra and one day Yi Joo finds out about it. Unfortunately, it was the same day that she died.

However, she wakes up safe and sound, but soon realizes she traveled back in time when she was just engaged to Jung Se Hyeok.

To change her fate and take revenge on her family, she first breaks off the engagement that will only bring her pain in the future, and instead – wants to marry the one man her sister wanted. And thus the game begins!

Perfect Marriage Revenge is available to stream on Netflix, and trust us when we say it will breathe new life into you and definitely make you forget about your weak-ass ex!