Richard Gere & Julia Roberts’ Iconic 90s Gem Hits Hulu In February 

Richard Gere & Julia Roberts’ Iconic 90s Gem Hits Hulu In February 
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And she rescues him right back…


  • Pretty Woman is one of Hollywood's most legendary romances.
  • The movie was a box office success back at the time.
  • Despite the fact that some things about the film didn’t age well, it is still loved around the world.
  • Pretty Woman lands on Hulu this February.

One of the most beloved movie love stories ever created is the one between Vivian and Edward, the main characters of the iconic Pretty Woman film. Directed in 1990 by Garry Marshall, it became a hit back then and continues his successful journey to this day.

Pretty Woman became a timeless classic for many reasons. Of course, the brilliant performances of Julia Roberts and Richard Gere. Roberts’ portrayal of Vivian even got her an Academy Award nomination.

There is also the compelling central storyline that grabs the fans attention and makes them root for the couple immediately. All the stories where an unexpected love interest changes one’s personality from a cold-hearted jerk into a loving puppy always makes a great watch.

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But in this movie, both of them changed their lives after they met each other. Vivian was a sex worker when they first met, and Edward was the wealthy businessman who didn’t care for a single thing other than his work.

But the feelings they developed for each other helped them to become the better versions of themselves.

Another amazing thing about the movie is the scenes that became memes over the years. For example the one where Vivian comes back to a shop where she was treated poorly only to say the phrase that every woman knows by heart.

“I was in here yesterday. You wouldn't wait on me. You work on commission, right? Big mistake. Big. Huge. I have to go shopping now” and she disappears into the sunset with her huge shipping bags. Legendary!

Pretty Woman also became a box office hit, grossing $463.4 million worldwide. And even though some parts of the movie don't fly today, audiences around the world still love it with nostalgia.

“I don't like the love story very much. There is something vaguely disturbing about their relationship to me. But there are some cheesy classic Hollywood moments I can't help but enjoy, so if it's on TV, I'll sit down and watch it,” Redditor Midnitetryst said.

And now you get a chance to rewatch (or finally check out for the first time) the iconic movie in the comfort of your favorite streaming platform! Pretty Woman hits Hulu on February 1, so now is the perfect time to prepare your snacks for a movie night.