Rick & Morty Defeats Rick Prime, Ends Up Creating a More Troubled Future

Rick & Morty Defeats Rick Prime, Ends Up Creating a More Troubled Future
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So maybe Morty was wrong all along, and some people do exist on purpose.


  • Season 7's episode 5, Unmortricken, takes an unpredictable path by killing off Rick's greatest nemesis.
  • Though the episode finally gives Rick the revenge he desired, it also leaves his future uncertain.
  • There are still five episodes left in season 7 that could give Rick and the rest of the Smith family a new purpose.

In a mind-bending twist that only Rick and Morty could deliver, the fifth episode of Season 7, Unmortricken, defied expectations as the iconic grandfather-grandson duo finally confronted Rick Prime, the variant responsible for the demise of Rick's wife, Diane.

The pivotal showdown exposed the use of the Omega Device, a perilous weapon that, as it turns out, wiped out every version of Diane across the multiverse, accounting for her absence throughout the series. Nevertheless, as Rick's enduring fixation reaches its zenith, the aftermath leaves fans questioning the ultimate destiny of the eccentric scientist.

Since the debut of the first episode of season three in 2017, Rick and Morty has hinted at the notion that a version of Rick was standing behind the tragedy haunting C-137 for many years. Unmortricken ultimately validated that suspicion, unfurling an intricate narrative that fundamentally alters the dynamics of the characters.

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Morty, discovering Rick's determination to find Rick Prime, joins the quest to right the wrongs of the past, encountering the enigmatic Evil Morty along the way. The trio embarks on a journey to confront the series' ultimate antagonist, each with their own unique agenda.

The climactic battle, set in mind-boggling traps, reveals Rick Prime's use of the Omega device to erase Diane from every timeline, casting a shadow not only on the audience but on Rick's psyche as well.

Rick Kills Off His Nemesis But Loses Purpose

While defeating his nemesis brings closure to Rick's long-running struggle, it also leaves him in an unfamiliar position, unsure of how to navigate life without the singular focus that has defined him for so long. With a family that cares for him, Rick is faced with the challenge of putting his life back together again.

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Unmortricken is only the fifth episode of the season, leaving five episodes to explore the aftermath of Rick Prime's defeat and endless possibilities for the characters. Now free from his obsessive pursuit, Rick must deal with the void left behind and decide how to navigate the universe with a fresh perspective.

Observing Rick grappling with the aftermath of the tragedy would offer a novel narrative direction for the show as in the previous episode, we witnessed the scientist in a state of profound loss — an emotional depth rarely explored before. The possibility of the depressed inventor descending further into despair adds a layer of uncertainty, potentially jeopardizing the stability he seemed to have found.

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Given Rick's history of confronting existential challenges, his ongoing struggle with purpose takes center stage, prompting contemplation on his identity and what true happiness means for a character of such complexity.

But despite the somber turn of events, the sixth episode of Season 7, Rickfending Your Mort, takes an exciting twist. In this episode, Rick questions Morty's memories of their escapades, leading to the unintended death of the all-knowing observer overseeing the audit.

The aftermath of Rick Prime's death does not seem to weigh heavily on Rick's mind, despite the weighty events of the previous episode. Moreover, the post-credits scene of episode 6 delves deeper into the narrative as it hints at a new antagonist who may step in for future adventures.

What’s Next For Rick Sanchez?

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As the season progresses, Rick's emotional turmoil becomes more evident, though not too dragging, yet. It makes clear that Rick is grappling with a deep emptiness, questioning the validity of his relationships in a universe filled with variations, and hints at possible paths for Rick's recovery, with friends, family, and new adventures stepping in to help him rediscover his purpose.

Season 7 continues to weave the characters' journeys in unpredictable directions, exploring the complexities of identity, purpose, and relationships. With half the season yet to unfold, Rick's evolution holds the promise of a compelling exploration of the multiversal condition.

While the Smith family adapts to their altered reality, fans can anticipate the trademark unexpected twists and turns that have cemented Rick and Morty as a groundbreaking animated masterpiece.