Rosalia Chewing Video Meme Explained

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Yes, it seems that everything is a meme these days.

If you've spent the past several days on Twitter wondering who is that edgy Spanish lady on stage with chewing gum and a microphone and why on Earth she stares so judgingly, this one is for you.

In fact, this is just Rosalia on her world tour, performing the song called 'Bizcochito' like nobody's business, and channeling the vibe of "it" girl. The smirk-look-to-the-side-chew-the-gum-and-look-away sequence has become some sort of her signature move for the song… and yes, a meme.

The first video to go viral was the one where Rosalia rocks a white dress, with clips of the red and blue outfits to follow later. Now that the move has been turned into a meme, it is highly likely that other such clips will follow, as the Spanish diva is yet to visit plenty of cities across the world.

But the three clips have already made enough waves on the Internet for no particular reason.

Still, it turns out it's not just an innocent meme. Many people have unleashed hate on Rosalia, blasting her as a "wannabe Latina". Some even accuse the Spanish singer of racism, because "this is what she thinks Black women look like". Finally, there are people who are merely annoyed by the clips – to the extent they have muted the words "Rosalia" and "chewing" from their feed.

But while some people are busy hating, others raise really important questions.

"Is Rosalia pretending to chew gum in those videos. Because I've seen other videos of the same performances and she's like. Doing a good job. Is she chewing pretend gum." – @bahorelz.

Urgent questions, if we may.

"I need to know what gum Rosalia was chewing, cuz it must have been SCRUMPTIOUS if she was chewing it like that." – @diego_a_medina.

Rosalia is currently on tour with her new album 'Motomami' which was released in March. She is set to conclude the tour in Paris on December 18, 2022, so we might as well prepare ourselves for the chewing videos to arrive almost every single day until then – before the Internet decides it's no longer weirdly funny.

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