Ryan Reynolds’ Forgotten Sitcom From the 90s Is in Fact Comedy Gold

Ryan Reynolds’ Forgotten Sitcom From the 90s Is in Fact Comedy Gold
Image credit: ABC

It was a game-changer role for our favorite actor.

If you have already seen IF, it’s high time to revise Ryan Reynolds ’ filmography. He is recognized for his superhero flicks, with 2016’s Deadpool standing out, action movies such as Free Guy (2021), and dramatic performances in Buried (2010) and Life (2017).

It’s also common knowledge that Reynolds is no stranger to comedies, even if we take his Deadpool into account. However, few fans know that back in 1998, the actor starred in an ABC sitcom that became a significant jumpstart for his successful career.

The series’ plot revolves around Berg (played by Reynolds) and Pete, two college graduates who share an apartment and work at a local pizzeria. They can’t imagine their life without the help of their neighbor and former collegemate, Sharon, who gives the boys advice on literally all spheres of life, including their romantic exploits, of course.

Although this synopsis seems to be banal, the show kills it due to the charisma of its leads. Reynolds, who portrays the rebellious, yet charming young man, is here accompanied by two lesser-known actors, Richard Ruccolo as Peter and Traylor Howard as Sharon.

Besides, here we have such recurring actors as Nathan Fillion, the star of Firefly, Castle and The Rookie, and Suzanne Cryer, who is famous as the Silicon Valley actress.

The back-then aspiring actors managed to demonstrate all their comedy potential in the show, which aired from 1998 to 2001, when it was canceled after four seasons. Their performances were enhanced by the jokes that are relatable even now, 25 years later.

The first two seasons are really considered to be one the best comedy pieces of the late 1990s, while the last episodes are quite cringey and generic but, nevertheless, extremely nostalgic and perfectly suitable for lazy binge-watching.

Titled Two Guys and a Girl (Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place for the first two seasons), it was unfairly forgotten due to the fact it’s not available for streaming anywhere. In fact, it is a lost treasure that needs to be unearthed by comedy fans nowadays.

“Remember watching this show and even then Ryan Reynolds was a standout,” said Redditor @m0rbius in a recent discussion of this 90s sitcom.

You can check out some clips from Two Guys and a Girl that are available for watching on YouTube.