Ryan Reynolds Just Gonna Stand There and Watch Twitter Burn

Ryan Reynolds Just Gonna Stand There and Watch Twitter Burn
Image credit: Legion-Media

The current events around Twitter that unfolded since the takeover by Elon Musk are way too big to even start covering them in a single article, so let's just say that they've left much of the world in the state of agitation and concern.

Not Ryan Reynolds, though.

Ryan Reynolds is one of the highest-paid actors of our time, best known for playing the title character in the Deadpool movies, and he expressed his opinion about the Twitter takeover in a style reminiscent of Deadpool when he spoke to Associated Press during promotion of his new Christmas comedy Spirited:

"I just look at it like, you know, Twitter is, was, and will always be a dumpster fire. I like dumpster fires, because something is wrong with me."

While some celebrities have left the platform, Reynolds is in no hurry to follow them. As he explained:

"Who knows? We have to play it by ear. We'll see where it all goes. "

In all likelihood, Reynolds is right. In the long-term, it's difficult to predict what the future holds for Twitter. It is likely that the platform will continue to try to evolve, both in terms of technology and user experience. It is also likely that Twitter will continue to be the focus of intense scrutiny and criticism, as the platform has become a major part of the public discourse.

Ultimately, the future of Twitter will depend on how the company responds to the challenges it faces, and whether it is able to create a safe and secure platform that allows users to express themselves freely without fear of harassment or abuse.

While a lot of personnel have been fired, the only noticeable change to Twitter's inner workings since Musk took over was the attempt to have users pay for their verified status, which was quite poorly implemented, and led to multiple impersonations of brands and public figures by trolls and political activists, who did not mind throwing away a small sum of money for the sake of a prank or making a statement.

It might be that over time the turmoil caused by the new ownership would settle, and Twitter would finally return to working more or less as usual, after a rocky few months. It is also possible that the Twitter reforms would come to a disastrous end and the platform would follow the likes of MySpace or Vine.

"These things they all come and go, like anything in life," the actor concluded. In any case, both Ryan Reynolds and us can only wait and see.