Sadie Sink is Being Fancast as Delirium in 'The Sandman' – Here's Why It Totally Works

Sadie Sink is Being Fancast as Delirium in 'The Sandman' – Here's Why It Totally Works
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Netflix, do you copy? There's an idea.

'The Sandman ' TV adaptation has been notably apt when it came to the portrayal of the Endless. However, there are two of the supernatural siblings that remain to be introduced in the cinematic version of Neil Gaiman 's graphic novel: Delirium and Destruction.

With Destruction, things are quite complicated: the Endless' enfant terrible, he doesn't seem to be around in the family for centuries. Delirium, however, is certainly a part of the family, as we managed to get a glimpse of her sigil in Desire's gallery.

Naturally, fans can't help but offer dream casting for the characters that are yet to be introduced. When it comes to the role of Delirium, a lot of people have come up with an idea to sign up the 'Stranger Things ' rising star, Sadie Sink.

The youngest Endless, Delirium would be a perfect role for Sink, 20, whose age, fans argue, is just appropriate for the role.

"I keep circling around the idea of Sadie Sink in the role. It needs to be someone with serious acting chops but young enough to pull off Delirium’s childish innocence." – /cork_your_pistol

Portraying Max Mayfield in 'Stranger Things', Sink has demonstrated her acting skills vividly enough for fans to be confident that she would grasp the essence of the character who went from resembling Delight to representing mania.

Delirium is usually pictured red-headed (or with at least some strands of her hair being red), even though she can change her appearance and does so quite frequently depending on her mood swings. This is where Sink falls in line due to her own natural look as well.

Although Neil Gaiman has already hinted that he is mulling actors for the roles of the two remaining Endless, he would never lift a curtain to show the list of people he might be considering. Moreover, the series has not even been officially greenlit for a second season. Still, Gaiman is optimistic and ambitious: he is ready to not only adapt the main comics run but also several side stories, including a potential spinoff for Johanna Constantine.

Gaiman is also known for actively communicating with fans via Twitter, where people would reach out to him with ideas, opinions and questions, and he would occasionally respond.

It's not like we're hinting at something, but if you are as excited for Sadie Sink to be considered for the role of Delirium as 'The Sandman' fans have been for a couple of years now, then maybe the idea could be brought to Gaiman himself. Although who knows – maybe Sink is already on his list.