Sandra Bullock Loathed One Scene in $212 Million Movie So Much She Wanted it Cut

Sandra Bullock Loathed One Scene in $212 Million Movie So Much She Wanted it Cut
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The actress fights for the versatility of female characters in the movies.

Since 1996, Sandra Bullock is not only an actress, but also actively involved in the production of the movies.

She hoped to stay in her beloved industry as a producer if she would not get as many offers for acting in the future. The fears were in vain: movies with her are still very popular with the viewers.

The position of a producer, in turn, brings its own pleasant bonuses: thanks to it, Sandra gets more control in working on her roles.

Sandra Bullock is the queen of romantic comedies. Her filmography has always given fans plenty of opportunities to laugh: While You Were Sleeping, Miss Congeniality, The Proposal and others.

However, Sandra herself does not like this genre very much. The problem is that actresses are often limited in their choice of roles.

If a woman wants to try her hand at a comic role, rom-coms are usually one of the few options. As a result, actresses are limited to certain types and forced to depend on their male co-stars.

The actress tried to defend her opinion in the beloved by many comedy Miss Congeniality, but failed. The movie was not only a financial success, but also received good reviews from audiences and critics.

One scene, however, infuriated Bullock so much that she asked several times to have it removed from the script, and after it was filmed, tried several times to make sure it would not be in the final cut.

We are talking about the swimsuit scene – this is an integral part of almost all of the beauty pageants.

Sandra acknowledged that this is not a movie about ideal women, but about what women have to go through to look good, and that they should not go through this if they do not want to.

Apparently, the swimsuit scene did not fit into the actress' vision of the movie.

Now, however, Sandra has more opportunities to do what she wants. In 2013, she played in the comedy The Heat, and in 2018, she starred in Ocean's Eight.

In both cases, women were the main characters and the movies performed well at the box office. Looks like the swimsuit scenes are not everything after all...