Sauron's 'Sigil' Actual Meaning in 'The Rings of Power' Has Fans Laughing

Sauron's 'Sigil' Actual Meaning in 'The Rings of Power' Has Fans Laughing
Image credit: Prime Video

Sometimes mysteries do have a hilarious explanation.

In episode 3 of 'The Rings of Power ', we finally get to decipher the devious sigil that tormented Galadriel for the years she spent searching for Sauron.

A mysterious symbol that looks like an evil trident has been spotted on several occasions in the show so far. From being cut on the body of Finrod, Galadriel's brother, to the distant caves in the North, the "sigil" remained a mystery for the elves – only to be finally solved by Galadriel in episode 4.

With the help of Halbrand and Numenor's libraries, the elven warrior understands that the sigil simply means the Southlands – the territory occupied by orcs. And the way the wisest elves were not able to decipher an elementary symbol of "some mountains in the South" now has fans laughing about it.

The solution was so simple all along, right?

"I loved how Google of Numenor went into the back and collected all the information on the sigil in like 10 seconds," Reddit user ebrum2010 ironically mentioned.

However, not everyone was ready to mock the "wisest loremasters" of elves, arguing that the symbol might not be as primitive as fans now believe it to be.

"To make the connection that the obscure symbol, that's similar to a trident, is actually an artistic rendition of Mordor is a pretty long shot. You need to have the obscure knowledge of the orcs to know exactly what it means. Especially when it's carved on different surfaces. It's basically just like the Traditional signs German hunters can use, where you place a Stick in a certain Position to Signal where you went. Just with the Addition that it's also similar to the location on the map." – /staxlotl

While people are now confident that the "sigil" is nothing short of a map or a sign for orcs to follow, the remaining episodes might reveal some new meaning to it which might not necessarily be as plain. After all, if it was only a map or an orc indicator, why would the orcs carve it onto Finrod's body? Some believe it was a taunting gesture, but others have more complicated suggestions.

"My take is that Sauron left it as a message for Galadriel specifically, hoping she would figure it out and rashly chase him down, like Fingolfin did with Morgoth," Reddit user tobascodagama suggested.

'The Rings of Power' is currently streaming on Prime Video. New episodes premiere every Friday through late October.