Saw Execs Share Their Biggest Regret about the Iconic Films, Call Themselves 'Idiots'

Saw Execs Share Their Biggest Regret about the Iconic Films, Call Themselves 'Idiots'
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John Kramer would definitely make them pay for what they did.

The Saw franchise, created by James Wan and Leigh Whannell, began its gruesome journey in 2004 when it introduced audiences to John Kramer, a terminally ill man who becomes the Jigsaw Killer, a sadistic puppeteer who puts his victims through horrific tests to make them appreciate life.

Tobin Bell's portrayal of Jigsaw was both menacing and oddly philosophical, making him one of the most iconic horror antagonists of the 21st century. In Saw III, however, the franchise seemed to have reached a point of no return for the character, as John Kramer succumbed to his illness.

As his health deteriorated, John Kramer's view of the world underwent a radical change. Kramer's philosophy becomes clear — he believes that one can only truly appreciate living when faced with the real threat of dying, making this dark perspective the basis for the sadistic games and elaborate traps that define his reign of terror.

But, again, Kramer doesn't play for too long. Shining as a master only in the first installment and portrayed as a mentor in Saw II, he dies in Saw III, marking the end of his era in the series. The character's legacy is passed on to future installments and Kramer himself appears only through flashbacks, extending his influence on the games even after his death.

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Despite being an icon in the horror genre, John Kramer's time to shine seems too short for a villain of his level. According to a recent confession from the franchise's producers, viewers weren't the only ones who didn't like a quick end to the masterful killer's storyline.

In a candid interview with Entertainment Weekly, Oren Koules, a producer of the Saw franchise, openly acknowledged the creative team's misstep. Koules pulled no punches, stating, "Listen, we're the idiots that killed off the lead after Saw III. [But] how long can we suspend disbelief when the guy has terminal cancer?"

However, another series producer, Mark Burg, assured fans that this time Bell's presence in the upcoming Saw X would far exceed his screen time in the previous films combined. Not only does Bell open the film, but he remains a constant presence throughout, ultimately wrapping up the beloved story.

In the upcoming Saw X installment, fans will meet John Kramer at the beginning of his story, which starts with John's cancer diagnosis and his pursuit of an experimental treatment in Mexico City, leading to unexpected twists and turns.

Saw X hits theaters this Friday, September 29, so get ready to live and die with the Jigsaw Killer and his final game.

Source: Entertainment Weekly